GNOME CAKE 3.10 - Fully Baked, No Bugs

We had our October meeting of the ChicagoLUG this past Saturday, marking one full year of meeting together at least once a month. Go us! We celebrated the release of GNOME 3.10, had a talk, and had a good discussion about future plans for the LUG.

First, the cake. It was a special cake (Thanks, Meg!). Yeah, it was GNOME CAKE. GNOME CAKE 3.10, actually. For anyone who wants to create such a cake in the future, please note that using all caps actually makes it taste better.

GNOME CAKE 3.10. It's real cake. Yummy.

As we talked about the cake, some newer folks actually thought that GNOME had create a Cake PHP application. We cleared that up. And then we ate cake.

Freddy Martinez followed-up with a talk about encryption, giving us a good amount of detail on various ciphers, and configuring your mail application to send GPG-encrypted messages.

Most of our time was spent discussion future plans for the LUG, though. Due to a space conflict, we moved our meeting to the outdoor seating area of a pub down the street (nice!). The big news is that Rackspace has granted us some generous cloud server resources, and it’s going to open up a lot of opportunity for LUG members to experiment with server hardware, develop some new skills and build some cool stuff.