Changing Infrastructures

I’ve not just been busy lately, but I also feel like I’ve been productive. I took some time to set up an instance of GitLab and GNU MediaGoblin on my own Linode instance (as a word of caution, they both currently use self-signed certs for SSL connections), shifted my blog from WordPress to Pelican, and have started to dog-food more GNOME applications (e.g., using Evolution for email). My contacts are syncing with my GNOME-sponsored OwnCloud account, and I even switched from using Irccloud to TapChat, which is hosted on my own server, as well.

I guess it sounds like a lot because it is. It’s all been happening over the past couple of months, though. And even though there are still a few kinks to work out in some applications, things are settling down, and there isn’t so much to do.

Aside from setting all of that stuff up, I’ve been working on a content inventory for the MediaGoblin project. I want to wrap that up this week, as it will help the team to have better organized docs. It is also the kind of docs project that doesn’t come around very often - MediaGoblin has a good amount of documentation, but it isn’t so much that it’s overwhelming for one person review. And I think that some structural changes to how the docs are set up will have a positive impact on the project and its workflow.

Things are going well enough with the LUG, too. We have a meeting coming up this Saturday, and we have a good group of knowledgeable folks who have been participating regularly. Post-meeting discussions last time went on for a while, and were a bit on the noisy side … in a way, it impacted our ability to use our mental powers for hacking on GNOME (Thanks to the GNOME Foundation for their regular support of our endeavors, btw), but it was also part of a healthy, active group’s activity, so I can’t say I have any complaints.

GNOME-wise, I’ve submitted a few patches (yes, patches - not diffs) to Deja-Dup and Totem docs, recently and have also been reviewing a bit of the excellent Seahorse (aka Passwords and Keys) docs that are being worked on by Aruna Sankaranarayanan.

It’s summertime, too, so … now that I’m done with this blog post, I’m going to go outside. Cheers. : )