Flourish Conference and a Work-in-Progress

This past weekend I was able to attend and speak at the Flourish open source conference hosted by the University of Illinois at Chicago. I say the event is hosted by UIC, but it’s actually a student-run event. The organizers had to do a lot more leg-work than usual this year, but pulled it off well. Big, big kudos to the Flourish staff for yet another great event.

My slides are up on my owncloud instance for those who would like to get a glimpse of what I talked about. As you may notice, I had a lot of fun with GNOME’s depiction of cats, particularly when creating the slide that references how the GNOME team has iterated on the initial GNOME 3.0 design:

gnome shell presentation image

I think GNOME 3.8 is a great release, and the gist of the talk was that, if you didn’t like GNOME 3.0 (perhaps too many rough edges and stray cats), that GNOME 3.8 might make you want to take another look.

I wasn’t in the audience, so I can’t say for sure, but I perhaps reached my intended goal with at least one person in attendance.

As a final note, you may also notice that this site is different. In light of the recent DDoS attacks against Wordpress sites, I’ve gone ahead and pushed out my new Pelican-based website a bit early. There are still some kinks in it, but I’ll be ironing those out in the coming weeks. Until then, please pardon the dust. : )