Flourish Open Source Conference - Call for Speakers

The University of Illinois at Chicago is once again planning to host their Flourish Open Source conference, and have put out a call for speakers.  The event will be held April 1-3, 2011, on the university’s campus on the near Northwest side of Chicago.

Though the conference is run by student volunteers, you wouldn’t know it judging by how well it is run.  This will be its fifth year, and each event has been well-organized, informative and fun.

For those who are interested in speaking:

Presentations are typically an hour long (including Q&A) and discuss

open-source-related matters of technical, community, or industry importance.

Past presentations have tackled a diverse array of topics - from kernel hacking and programming languages, to community/project management and women in open-source. If they get several proposals around a particular topic, they may opt to build a panel discussion.

Workshops are usually three hours long, and explore a particular topic in an

intensive, hands-on environment. In the past, Flourish has offered workshops

on Android, Websphere, Erlang, Processing, Plone and Drupal. The organizers

provide all necessary connectivity.

The organizers will be accepting proposals via their speaker proposal page up through the Christmas holiday.