Call for Testing - Xubuntu 9.10 Release Candidate

Ara Pulido sent this message out to the Xubuntu-Users mailing list the other day, and I thought it was worth passing along to the greater Ubuntu community.  Testing for the Xubuntu 9.10 release candidate is going on now, so please read the email below and help out if you can. Thanks!

Hello Xubuntu users!

As you may know, Thursday 22nd October we are releasing Xubuntu 9.10 Release Candidate. This is a very important milestone, as it will be very similar to final Xubuntu 9.10 (between them, only very critical fixes will be accepted).

For the 9.10 release we are having very little coverage of Xubuntu images and we would need a harder effort for the RC milestone.

To help, you will need an account in the ISO tracker [1]. This blog post is useful as starting guide:

Also, one of the common complains about ISO testing is that, when the call for testing is done, it takes too long to download the ISOs for that candidate image.

Preparing today for that moment couldn’t be easier:

dl-ubuntu-test-iso is a script, available as part of the ubuntu-qa-tools, that downloads Ubuntu (+ Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc) ISO images for testing purposes. The script uses rsync, which means that the second time you run it, it only downloads the changes to each ISO. So, if you use it today, and keep running it every day (or every couple of days), you will be already set up to help when the candidates images for RC start appearing.

You will need a configuration file to tell the script which images your interested in. I have prepared a configuration file for Xubuntu, and it is attached. You will only need to edit it to select which architecture you’re interested in. Save it in you home folder as .dl-ubuntu-test-iso

Once you have save the configuration file:

* If you’re running Karmic, you can install the ubuntu-qa-tools package directly.

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-qa-tools

$ dl-ubuntu-test-iso

* If you’re not running Karmic, get the ubuntu-qa-tools from its bazaar repository:

$ bzr branch lp:ubuntu-qa-tools

$ ./ubuntu-qa-tools/dl-ubuntu-


That will save your Xubuntu testing images at ~/iso. And they will get updated every time you run the scripts (only if the images have changed).

Testing will be coordinated from Tuesday in #ubuntu-testing and you can start subscribing to the ISO tracker page, so you can be informed when the new images start to appear. Any doubts, please, contact me directly.

Thanks and happy testing!



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