More Xfce-based choices for users

The Fedora folks continue to update their Xfce live-cd spin.  Since their initial efforts using Fedora 8, they’ve made some changes in the look of the spin - for example, using the default Fedora wallpaper and the Mist icon set.  Application selection (seemingly an on-going issue with Xfce-based distros - trying to balance being lightweight while still being user-friendly) continues to be ironed-out.

While I primarily work with Xubuntu, it’s great to see projects like Fedora and Foresight Linux embrace Xfce, too.  The more people that we can have using Xfce, reporting back bugs, and submitting patches, the better Xfce will be.

As an additional note, the Fedora wiki links to the upstream README file for xfdesktop.  It provides a few little-known customizations that may be of interest to some Xfce users.