Room for Improvement

Both this article and this article note how Ubuntu’s documentation needs to be better than it is. The first article describes (in the last point on the second page) that we should do more content scraping from the unofficial documentation (with permission) to improve our docs. We receive lots of requests for mentorship, so there certainly isn’t a lack of interest in helping out with documentation. The sprawling mass of wiki pages and forum tips is pretty enormous, though, and we need to specifically target the alternate doc sources a bit more. This process may even be going on already without me being fully aware of what is going on. (I do live in a sort of cave.)

One thing that stands out to me in the second article, though, is the point about release notes. We didn’t have release notes ready for the final Beta and RC of Xubuntu 7.10, and the final release notes for 7.10 weren’t put together until after the official release. We need to do better with that. I guess I’ll be studying up on what makes good release notes.