Xubuntu documentation for version 8.04, the Hardy Heron

The Ubuntu documentation team has recently migrated all flavors of *Ubuntu documentation from Subversion over to Bazaar.  There are now separate branch repositories for each of the flavors, and instructions on how to download the repositories (and how to submit your changes) are up on the Ubuntu wiki.  Thanks to Matthew East and a few others for their work in getting this set up.

The Xubuntu documentation turned out ok for the Gutsy Gibbon release - it was certainly much better than it had been for the Edgy and Feisty releases, but we still didn’t reach our goals.  We did a lot of work on the docs, but without the efforts of Luzius Thöny at the very end, I don’t think that the docs would have been shippable.

Xubuntu Hardy Heron (Xubuntu 8.04) will be a long-term release, so I want to make sure that the documentation is top-notch.  The good news is that we already have a good base to work from (we don’t even have to copy everything over from Ubuntu from scratch like we did before), and we also have some people who have some documentation experience under their belt now.  This is good.

I’m not sure how else I’ll be able to contribute to the Xubuntu effort this time around.  I’ve started a new job that is more demanding than my prior jobs, so that has to take priority.  I’d still like to contribute to Xubuntu, though.  I enjoy it, and the people involved with the project.