What’s going on?

Things have been pretty hectic lately. It seems like there’s always too much to do in Chicago in the summertime. I’m excited about what is in store, though. Freddy Martinez and I have been working on Xubuntu documentation, basing it largely off of Ubuntu’s Feisty documentation, and we have to submit our first set of patches soon. As it stands now, I’m mostly just making the actual text accurate for Xubuntu, but I still have a lot of questions about the docbook, and how certain docbook elements may be used to interact with Yelp, the Gnome documentation browser.

We also have to do some additional work on the specification for the Xubuntu Documentation Browser, or x-d-b, as it is being called. "Xubuntu Documentation Browser" is just a lot to type out.

This weekend is BARcamp Chicago, and it runs all through the weekend. For what ever reason, I didn’t know that it ran 24-hours through the whole weekend. Yeah. As if I’ll be awake for all of it.

I’ve applied for Ubuntu membership, but the next community council meeting falls at the exact moment of a meeting that I have to attend in Eagan, Minnesota, which is near Minneapolis. I’ve pushed myself to the end of the line of membership applications, hoping that they’ll be able to fit me in somehow. *fingers crossed*