More of an update than you really wanted.

what’s going on in jim’s world:

  • i worked tons of extra hours at work last week, and fighting off laziness this week. some weeks this fight is more difficult than others … i guess it’s nice to have a lull, though.
  • i’ve started reading an o’reilly python book. i’m excited by this, and hope i actually make it through this book. :-) i got most of the way through my last book (about samba), but stopped with it after a while. what can i say, because of what i was able to learn, i now have a working samba server … a lot of later chapters just spoke to issues that i haven’t needed to deal with. maybe i’ll pick up the samba stuff again after Chad teaches us about open ldap and i set up my own domain … at home … for one user with three machines.
  • after typing /CONNECT more times than i’d care to remember, i finally got around to setting my configuration settings on irssi. thank you, irssi setup instruction website. now that i have everything configured, i’ll be peeking my head into #chiglug a little bit more. /me waves at i guess i’ll have to configure a few irssi scripts so you can see what dorky songs i’m listening to while we’re all on our irc channels.
  • i’m giving fedora 7 test 4 a try on my new laptop. aside from having difficulties getting a wifi connection going with either the ilwifi (sp?) or the ip3945 driver/firmware (thanks for giving it a try, ktdreyer), it has been running smoothly. i am just giving fedora a try to see some of the differences between the various flavors of GNU/Linux. don’t worry, i have xubuntu 7.04 installed on this machine, too. (and wifi works out of the box with xubuntu (using a non-free driver, though.)) professionally, i think it makes sense to give Fedora a try, as so many business use redhat as their gnu/linux distro of choice. with that in mind, i’d also like to try cento at some point. perhaps i will use that in setting up my server if i ever do the open ldap thing. i have no intention of trying suse, though. /me sighs at distro wars
  • i’m looking forward to a solid documentation and ISO testing effort for the next xubuntu release. i’ve subscribed to the Xfce-devel mailing list, and a few of the participants have recently started discussions about documentation, and they look to get started soon. i think i’ll get involved with those, too. i guess I’ll have to check the licenses of each of the documentation projects … i want to help out, and if documentation from one area can be used in another … great, but wouldn’t want to upset anyone, though, or break any rules. We’ll see how it goes.
  • This is a long note / post, so I’m going to give things a rest now.