Samba distractions

After Herd 5’s release, I’ve been playing catch up with other parts of my life. One bit of good news is that my new HP AMD64 computer arrived, and so I’ve been de-commissioning my old computer, and preparing the new machine. Part of getting rid of the old computer has also involved attempts to prepare a Samba file and print server, so it’s a big mess of computer parts around my place right now.

My file server is going to be an old Compaq desktop, which I’m outfitting with the 80gb drive that was the master drive in my prior primary desktop computer. Prior to making the swap, I made a couple of changes:

  • I backed up my data,
  • Modified the grub and fstab entries,
  • Removed the 80gb drive, and set the jumpers on the 40gb drive so that it would be the new master drive,
  • Modified the BIOS to indicate that there’s only one hard drive now
  • Hoped for the best

It all worked. I know that an 80gb drive might not seem like a lot for a file server in this day and age, but it’s plenty good enough for my needs at this time. Right now, my backup data fills up less than 25gb.

I’ve got to make some quick modifications to the Xubuntu testing pages, so I better get on that. It’s nice to know that I’m making good progress on my machines, though.