And you may say to yourself, “My God, what have I done?”

<j1mc> somerville32, i had a great install experience with the nightlies leading up to herd4.

<somerville32> j1mc: Did you report that?

<j1mc> no :(

<somerville32> hehe

<somerville32> See, we need that

<somerville32> We need to get an official testing team together maybe

<j1mc> i’m mostly on xubuntu-user mailing list.

<somerville32> j1mc: Would you like to head up an Xubuntu testing team?

<j1mc> what would it entail? are there other examples of testing teams?

<somerville32> IT seems like you already do quite a bit of testing

<somerville32> So you’d just need to recruit a few more people to help you out and schedule regular testing

<somerville32> Especially just before a pre-release

<somerville32> So that we can release an image as the pre-release

<j1mc> sure. i think i can do that.

<somerville32> What platforms can you test on?

<j1mc> just i386 right now.

<somerville32> Ok

<j1mc> i could get another machine pretty easily. i volunteer for free geek chicago

* somerville32 nods.

<j1mc> we use xubuntu there, so they’d be willing to donate a machine.

* somerville32 nods.

<somerville32> So you’d just need to find a few dedicated individuals who could help test the other official platforms too

<somerville32> Awesome! :)

<j1mc> and then get them to report their results. :)

<j1mc> hehe

* somerville32 hands j1mc the "Xubuntu ISO QA Manager" hat.

* j1mc accepts hat